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Top Tips

Here is a step by step guide on how to prepare for your move with us.



Go to your local post office and pick up a change of address kit and complete it:

Insurance companies
Credit card providers
Magazines and newspapers
Doctors, dentists and others

Other address updates to make:

TV License  or call 0844 800 6722
Pet Log - Micro Chip Address



Take a walk through your home and decide what items you don't need, especially if you're downsizing then:

Sell - eBay, Gumtree, Yellow Ad's, PreLovedCash for Clothes, Car Boot sale. 

Donate - Charity Shops, Family or Friends.

Dump - Recycle, Bin it, Take to Refuse Yard, Weigh it in (Scrap Metal)

Eat it - use up opened foods.



Make a list of what you want to move:

Appliances Large & Small

Household Furniture

Garden Furniture

Fragile Items



You can pick up cardboard boxes for free at most local supermarkets. Lidles are generally the most helpful in suppling boxes, however if you don't want the hassle or just want a better quality box, we can help.

McQueens Removals hire out specialist hard bodied plastic removal boxes with lids, for just £1 a box; they are sturdy, stackable and won't go mushy if they are set down on a wet day. We also hire out wardrobe boxes and always provide FREE frozen food boxes, with any box hire.

For full detail see our SERVICE page,



Ring McQueen's Removals and book your move.



Start packing up your belongings. Mark boxes clearly with:

  • Location - Kitchen
  • Contents -  Pots & Pans
  • Priority - “Open First”
  • Handling - Fragile


McQueen's Removals goal is to minimise hassle for you and maximise convenience for you, so whenever possible, we will always make every effort to place boxes mark by room or obvious description e.g. pans, will be placed in the relevant room.


VIB - Very Important Box

Put all your important documents in one place and label: VIB

  • Passports
  • Military records
  • Mortgage papers
  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificates
  • Vehicle Papers
  • Stock & bonds certificates
  • Insurance certificates
  • Bank records
  • Tax books
  • School records
  • Medical records



Ring up your utilities providers and make arrangements to cancel them. Retrieve any refunds due from any deposits. Have meters read. Give your new address to receive your final bill:

  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Water



It's customary to write up some informational notes for the new owners of your current home, e.g. instruction and service information for the boiler and any appliances you may be leaving and details of rubbish collection, milk deliveries, recycling collection etc.



Child and pet care for the day. If you don't have relatives/friends available arrange professional care such as nursery, kennels/cattery or better still book your dog in with your dog groomer, so they are lovely and clean and won't shed piles of hair all over your new home. We recommend La Pooch Professional Dog Stylists. They are city and guilds level 3 qualified, experienced and have a beautiful modern salon on Windsor Road, in Neath.

Note: get new pet ID tags ready before the move. Put them on as well as the old ones the night before the move, because statistically pets are more likely to be lost at this time than any other. Change the address logged with the microchip company.



Collect all the keys to your home, don't forget any left with neighbours, baby sitters, relatives or anyone else and take them to your solicitor or estate agent.



Check the access to your new home and tell your mover if there are any tricky access issues. If there is a local Controlled Parking Zone in the street of your new home, buy a visitor's parking permit for the removals firms van.



We aim to minimise the stress of moving home, however moving home can still be tiring and the last thing you want to do is sift through packed boxes for pans and crockery and then do a big cook up. So why not keep this link handy and order a takeaway. Hungry House or Don't Cook Just Eat!